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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have a listing on the Mobile Disco Directory?

Basic listings have always been, and always will be, free of charge.

Upgrade options are available if you wish to promote your listing - see #5 below.

2. When a visitor submits the form via my listing page, does anyone else get a copy of the enquiry?

No. Unlike other listings sites, enquiries submitted via the Mobile Disco Directory will come to you and only you.

Copies of form submissions may be monitored solely for the purpose of spam prevention or to monitor misuse of our systems.

3. Can I have more than one listing?

No, listings are limited to one per user.

If our systems detect abuse of this limit (e.g. multiple logins for the same company) all related user accounts will be banned.

4. What determines the order listings appear in?

Entries are ordered first by town, then by a scoring algorithm influenced by various factors: -
  • Valid PLI Provided
  • Valid PAT Provided
  • A Gold award or higher from DJ Mark
  • Valid ProDub Provided
  • Google Reviews scoring 4 or more stars
Finally, all positions are randomised within the above placements on each page view - there's no advantage in calling yourself "Aardvark Discos"!

5. What are the upgrade options and how much do they cost?

£20 / year

Enhanced Listing

Supporter discount available

  • Highlighted listing above all free listings in your county
  • Highlighted listing above all free listings in EVERY TOWN within your county
Upgrade Now
£80 / year

Banner Ads

Supporter discount available

  • Banner design included
  • Your banner will appear either in the directory listings area and / or on the forum
  • Any banners are added to the existing banner pool for dispay in rotation
  • NO further costs. NO pay-per-click. NO max impressions.
Upgrade Now

6. I already have an "Enhanced" listing, can I upgrade to "Premium" for the difference in price?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time. Choosing to upgrade to "Premium" on the "Upgrade / Promote" page will charge the difference in price, calculated on a pro rata basis until the current expiry date.

7. How do I qualify for a supporter discount?

Supporter discounts are available by becoming a supporter of the MDD Forum - The UK's largest dedicated DJ forum. See here for details on how to become a forum supporter.

The email address on your forum account must match your directory (this site's) account email in order for any supporter discount to be automatically awarded.

8. Are there any other discounts available?

We have partnered with and are able to offer DJ mark Gold, Platinum or Diamond award holders a 10% discount on upgrade purchase prices. To qualify for this, simply enter your DJ mark ID to your MDD listing.

In addition to this, DJ mark Gold, Platinum or Diamond award holders also get a small boost in the ranking algorithm in MDD results for their region / county / town.

In return, any MDD Forum Supporters also qualify for extra "perks" at .

9. Is it safe to enter my payment card information?

For your security we do not store credit card information or personal details on our servers. All credit card and payment information is maintained and processed through Stripe, a certified and accredited payment merchant. All information is sent securely over an SSL connection to the Stripe servers.

For further information please click on the following link: .

10. My payment was rejected, is there an alternative way to pay?

In rare circumstances our payment processor (Stripe) will reject payments where SCA authorisation is required. We're working to resolve this, but in the meantime payment can be made via PayPal - Contact us for more information.

11. How do I delete my listing?

Navigate to the "Edit My Listing" page and make it clear in the "Description" field at the bottom of the page that you would like your listing to be deleted. Your listing will immediately be placed in the moderation queue, effectively removing it from site results. When a site admin sees your request they will delete your listing. Deleted listings cannot be restored, you would need to create a new listing if you wanted another.

Contact us, if you found not the right anwser or you have a other question?