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What is a portable appliance?

A portable appliance is simply an item of electrical equipment, which is connected to the power supply by means of a plug and socket.

Why you need portable appliances tested

There are a number of reasons why appliances should be tested on a regular basis, but the most important ones are:-

To comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations
To comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
To minimise the risk of fire and injury caused by electrical appliances
To satisfy your Insurance Company.
To comply with all Health & Safety requirements and ISO standards
Quality Assurances also requires you to comply
Also, one of the first things Fire Officers and Health & Safety Inspectors usually ask to see on any inspection visit is PAT records.

What it involves

Each item is given a full visual inspection followed by the appropriate electrical safety tests.

How often does it need to be carried out?

No rigid guidelines can be laid down as to the frequency of inspecting and testing but factors influencing the decision includes the environment, the users, the equipment construction and the equipment type. We advise people follow the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment produced by the Institution of Electrical Engineers in conjunction with guidance provided by the Health & Safety Executive.


DISCLAIMER: Any PAT status is shown for guidance only. While documents may have been seen by The Mobile Disco Directory, this is not an exhaustive check and we strongly recommend you carry out your own checks to verify the validity of any PAT.

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